The Bleakholt Stables

Bleakholt is not just a Sanctuary for animals that can be rehomed. We also provide a loving and safe environment for the retirement of a large number of Equine and Farm animals. Equines have resided at Bleakholt since the very beginning and unlike most of our other animals, our stables provide a permanent home for almost 40 equine residents.

These beautiful animals, all suffering some form of ill health, a behavioral issue, abuse or abandonment, have found themselves in need of sanctuary and whatever their circumstances their welfare is our primary concern. Our caring and knowledgeable staff provide round the clock care for all of our Horses, Ponies, Donkeys and Mules, ensuring that they remain as fit, happy and well as possible for the remainder of their lives.

With the help of our dedicated supporters we strive to continually improve the accommodation and facilities and in recent years we have even been able to produce a large quantity of our own winter feed.

However, just because our equines are retired and many are no longer rideable, it doesn’t mean that they don’t do anything! Horses are highly intelligent animals and require mental stimulation along with treatments for their medical or behavioral problems. As a result, our staff engage them in a number of activities, from clicker training to harness work, Pirelli to gymnastic exercises. We now have an Equine Arena which is invaluable for the correct stimulation for our residents.

If you need to re-home your horse/donkey you can complete the form at the bottom of the page and we will consider your application. Please note that we cannot accommodate any horses over 15.3hh


In giving all our equine animals a happy home, we are ready to transform their quality of life and to give them the chance they need for a happy and fulfilling life at Bleakholt. Here are some of our latest arrivals

Meet Bruno

Bruno is a 21 year old Welsh Section B gelding. He used to live with Summer, April and Dandy (another new resident), so he was pleased to have a run on the arena with them today. He needs some remedial work doing on his feet and also has Cushings disease.

Meet Dandy

Dandy is a 27 year old Shetland mare who came in a few weeks back with her friend Bruno, she is also Summer and April’s mum who came to us last year! Since arriving at the sanctuary she’s had a little TLC and is now looking like a new pony. She can be quite timid but loves a treat and a groom. Please come and say hi when we are back open and it is safe to do so

Meet Korri

Korri is a 32 year old Chestnut Arab mare who has come to retire at Bleakholt! She has settled really well to her new life and over the past week she had been very busy getting to know the other horses and ponies and made friends with our other Arab Flash! She loves going in the arena to stretch her legs and today she’s been on a walk! She is a very sassy old lady who I’m sure is going to keep all the staff on their toes!


Bleakholt is home to ten donkeys and one mule, like our other equines they are highly intelligent and require lots of mental stimulation to keep them happy.

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