……….from our smallest pig, Jamie! Jamie was part of the craze for micro pigs and would have only been the size of a cat back then. He was abandoned here back in 2014 and although quite small for a pig, he still weighs in at over 75 kg! Like most pigs, he is very strong for his size too.

The pic above is smiley Jamie when he arrived and below are more pics from when he first arrived. He is very friendly and really likes being stroked, but – he has a mischievous side to his nature and likes to sneak up behind you and nip your legs! Loveable all the same….

This pic is our boy as he is now! He does look like a boy with a mission in this pic – maybe trying to sneak up on our photographer…..?

If you would like to help us to take care of Jamie and our piggy family, they are all available for sponsorship. Click here to find out more about sponsorship