Who doesn’t love a beautiful, sleek black panther? Can this be true – should we run and hide?

Definitely not!

We love our black panther kitties here with their beautiful green eyes and we can assure you that there is most definitely nothing scary about them! In fact, a few of our panthers were scared and fearful on arrival, like the beautiful, shy, food-loving Simon who needs someone to give him time to gain trust in people and bring him out of his shell. Another timid boy is young Monty who is a house cat, but he is affectionate and playful when he becomes comfortable around you. Blackie was another scared stray but with patience and love he has become an amazing, friendly boy who now loves being stroked and getting attention. Sweet young Bobby (no tail) is very friendly and she certainly likes the outdoors. At the other end of the scale, adventurous explorer Black Billy (pictured above) is a very friendly, confident and talkative boy and does like to be the boss!

Seriously – what’s not to love?

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If you would like to meet any of them, please call up to the Sanctuary where our Team will be happy to help.