This is a desperately sad case – breaks your heart
This morning (31 may 2023), three-month old Lila was brought in to the Sanctuary as a stray via a vet.
She is a beautiful bulldog pup, but she has been neglected and it’s going to be a long road back to health for her.
We, of course, will take very good care of her and she will have 24 hour care.
We know times are difficult, but if anyone can donate a little towards Lila’s treatment, it will be such a massive help and we would be so grateful.
We will post updates every week or two so you can see how Lila is doing and how the money is being spent on nursing this beautiful girl back to a full recovery.

OR you can donate on the post on our Facebook page by clicking here  We will receive 100% of the donation made through Facebook.

If we were lucky enough to receive more donations than the cost of Lila’s treatment, please note that the rest will go to food and/or the general care of Lila’s new friends.

PLEASE NOTE that we will NOT be accepting any adoption applications yet, as Lila has a very long way to go to get better.


This Morning Lila saw the vet. Lila has got a long road ahead of her, but with time, together with her fighting spirit she will get there.
Apart from the skin issues she has Cherry eye, entropia, a eye ulcer and an umbilical hernia. She will need surgery on these when she is bigger and stronger.
For now it’s food, baths, love and plenty of cuddles. This is the main treatment for now – and believe me, she loves the cuddles as you can see from these pictures!
We will not be taking any inquiries about rehoming Lila at the moment.


Lila has been having lots of baths and she has been loving them! She needs the special medicated bath every other day and we don’t know at this stage how long she will need them. Lila loves the attention she gets when being bathed and it calms the skin down so the relief she gets must feel amazing. Thank you again for all your help and support, as your kindness has helped us to pay for all her treatment.


Lila had a very busy week. She has been to the vets for some tests as we couldn’t get her solid no matter what we did, so the vet wanted a blood test for an illness called EPI. Luckily she is all clear so now she is on panacur paste again and an ID special diet food and is fed 4 times in a 24hr time frame. Lila is a sweetheart that loves her cuddles and she is still enjoying her baths!


5 weeks ago today since this little lady came to stay and OMG how she has changed! Not just in looks, but in personality as well! Lila now knows how to play ball and she loves to box (a bulldog thing). She also enjoys a good game of tug of war. She will be seeing the vet this week to work out a timeline for surgery on her eye, so we will keep everyone updated.
The photos are in order, first day, 3 weeks in and this morning:

UPDATE 23 JULY 2023:

Lila had another busy week! Apart from learning how to use a lead and harness she has been back to the vets. The vet said she was big and strong enough to have her cherry eye repaired – good news! She had her surgery and she is doing so well, running round as if she hadn’t had anything done! She has to go for a check up in a few days, but everything seems great, so we are so pleased. Thank you to everyone for helping to make this all possible for Lila. Look at her now!

Please note we aren’t taking adoption enquiries about Lila at the moment.
Lila is looking for her new home (with our help)!
Just before her eye surgery we placed Lila with an amazing foster home and they have got her through the surgery. They have also been house training her and although she still has a couple of issues with this, she is getting there! Her foster parents have given us a really good insight into the kind of home Lila needs. She needs a home that has experience with bull breeds, she can live with another dog but it would need to be of similar size or bigger, as she can be full on with small dogs. Lila would be better suited to a home with older children.
Please read the full write up on our website when considering applying by CLICKING HERE
If you think you could offer Lila the home she needs, please apply via our website on the above link after reading more info. Please note that we are NOT taking enquiries over the phone for Lila. We will only contact you if you a good fit for Lila and we will receive a huge number of applications so please bear with us.


Lila has only gone and got herself a new home! She will have plenty of dogs to play with and she is already making herself known in the area!

Massive thank you to her amazing Foster Family for getting her to this point – and now to her Forever Family who will continue their amazing work and she will get plenty of love.

She still needs one lot of surgery but that will be a while yet.

Go live your best life little lady!

We cannot thank you enough for helping with the cost of getting Lila healthy and giving her a new life – you have been absolutely amazing. Thank you too for all your support and kind wishes along the way.