Project Description

Some people think he’s bonkers, but we just think he’s cute!
Mr Rascal came in to us as his owners ill health had rapidly declined and she could no longer provide the love and care he deserves. He is a sweet boy who loves being around people, getting lots of fuss and settling down on a nice cosy lap for a long cat nap! Dizzy doesn’t like dogs, but is currently sharing one of our outdoor pens with other cats, so will be able to live with a compatible feline friend in the future. Ideally a home with cat savvy children, aged 10 years and older is what this big boy needs. Since being with us, our vet has found out that Dizzy has a grade 1/6 heart murmur, this is currently not affecting him whatsoever. Once fully settled into his new home, he will require outdoor access as this is what he’s used to.