Project Description

Dora was originally a stray before being taken in by a lovely family who got her checked out by a vet, she was eventually diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and the people had to make the devastating decision to give her up as the added cost that comes with the condition was too much for them to afford. She is a lovely girl who loves a fuss, but NOTHING will get in the way of her food! Hyperthyroidism is an extremely common condition that is easily controlled by medication that goes on her food twice daily (which she obviously has no issues eating!) She does require blood test every three months to ensure her thyroid levels have maintained and the hyperthyroidism stays controlled. She hasn’t shown any negative reactions towards the other cats since being here, however, we feel she would prefer it if she was the only pet in the home so she can be the centre of attention and treated like the princess that she truly is! We feel she will be fine with cat savvy children ages 5 years and older who will play and help her cause all the mischief she possibly can. Her condition means she will have to be kept as a house cat it is essential she is home to get her medication every morning and evening!