Adopt a Cat

Here is a selection of our cats that are available for rehoming, but we have many more to choose from. If you see an animal that you think you might like to adopt, your next step will be to visit us. Our staff will be pleased to meet you and help you with information and advice about any of our cats.

We have many cats to choose from and don’t be discouraged from adoption if you don’t have a large outside area, as some of our residents are house cats!

Some of our lovely house cats have the feline immunodeficiency virus (or FIV for short) which simply means that their immune system doesn’t work as well as it should, so they may be more susceptible to picking up a virus. It is therefore essential to keep up with their annual boosters, but otherwise they live a perfectly normal life. Our policy and recommendation is that FIV cats should be house cats and also that they are the only cat in the household, unless it is another FIV cat.

Please bear in mind that although this gallery is updated on a regular basis, you will need to check that the animal you are interested in is still available when you visit us.